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Every year around this time thousands of young ladies all over the country begin to think about what they are going to wear and the “Look” they would like to achieve for that all important high school prom.

Having said that there are probably millions of women having the same thoughts regarding their wedding day, a friends wedding day, a family party or some other very special occasion every day of the year. In this article let us look not just at the all important sedu prom hair styles but the overall effect which can be created for all special occasions.

The whole effect has to blend together to produce that wow factor which turns heads, after all is that not every girl and woman’s dream?

Sedu hair styles have recently taken the country by storm with everyone trying to achieve that “Jennifer Aniston look.” Such a simplistic, http://www.realracing3hackonline.website/ >share more content natural look can be absolutely stunning provided all the components are put together properly. The hair which is after all a woman’s crowning glory, long, layered and straightened using the sedu flat irons should have an almost mirror like shine. The make up should be kept minimal and have a very fresh, natural look while the dress, made from some soft floaty share this website material in a simple layered design should add to the effect. Accessories and jewellery should be kept small and if anything understated.

Whilst the natural look may indeed be to some peoples taste a great many other girls and women really want to pull out the stops when it comes to special occasions. It is part of their nature to be “chic” and in some ways want to show others what they are really all about.

Celebrities falling into this category and who are inspirational to many women are Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez. This look is a million miles away from the stunningly simple natural look. In this case the hair is straightened using sedu technology to make it smooth, lustrous and manageable. It is then usually swept up in some fairly dramatic “up” style with some wispy curls left free to soften the whole effect.

The dress should be striking! No pastel shades here! Probably a fitted corset type bodice a with softer skirt, these dresses usually have huge $ signs attached and are probably better highered form a specialist outfitter. Jewellery and make up are also bold and the jewellery expensive but in a way which compliments the look, not detracting from it in any way.

These are only a couple of very much contrasting ideas of how sedu prom hair styles can influence a whole look, there are a great many more out there – something for everyone.

It is important to remember to create these styles using the sedu straightening irons follow these simple steps:-

1. Wash and condition your hair using good quality products – remember because a product costs a months salary does not mean it is the best so do your homework before you splash out!

2. Either towel dry or allow it to dry naturally

3. Apply some styling mousse and blow dry

4. Use your sedu straightening irons to smooth your hair

5. Create that sedu prom hair style for the ultimate wow factor

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