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Banana Fiber content as Creative art Document Different

A Art Investigative Venture Department Quality Elioenie L. Vicente Brent Bracer B. Camacho Karen Enjoyment S. Nietes VILLAFLOR Core ELEMENTARY College Southern WEST DISTRICT VILLAFLOR, OROQUIETA State


The actual ecological situation of this Philippines demands an effort to cut down on waste materials, and repurpose eco-friendly materials much like the banana shrub. One way to accomplish it may be to make roughage cardstock in the banana plant. Also, using substances was taken away in the process to protect the community from further damage resulting from pollution.

The calibre of hand made banana document with out additives and preservatives or toxins is shown to be of use in skill room decorations, surprise-covering with an eco-welcoming document replacement. This mission aims to form top quality pieces of paper from banana pulp from banana stalks, bark leaving. The banana pulp was achieved by event, chopping and cooking the stalks, bark and leaves. The pulp was put into 3 samples: pulp from stalks, pulp from start barking, and pulp from an assortment of makes, start barking and stalks.

The three samples were definitely specially useful to recognize which pulp components would be fitted to papers pigmentation for technique information objectives. It had become detected the fact that pulp created from the banana bark would give the best choice colors for old fashioned paper dyeing. Utilizing its natural paler light brown colors, it will be simpler to develop numerous dyed newspaper by mixing in dye when using the banana soluble fiber slurry. The by-products and solutions for the dyed banana fiber content are able to be employed to replacement reward-wrapping papers, invitation cards, old fashioned paper purses, along with other artwork report by-items.

They figured that banana fiber from trunk area, results in and stalks is a wonderful option for skill newspaper. To The lord, from whom all blessings occur, the researchers choose to say thanks to the examples below:

Doctor. Nida You. Barimbao, College Principal I, for those moral help, and who persuaded conducting an investigatory task initially; Mrs. Mary Lynn M. Reyes, the task counselor, who lengthened her significantly effort and time on having this assignment;

Villaflor Central Elementary College Course instructors, who suggested and guaranteed the audience monetarily; Mrs. Alicia D. Udal, for supplying us the review of the investigatory work;

To parents / guardians, with their personal financial and ethical help and support; With the pupils of Quality Intravenous – VI, for giving us the mission resources for example, the banana leaves, start barking/trunk and stalks;

Mrs. Rhea Rose R. Aba-a, the child on the undertaking adviser, for allowing us in researching the venture using the internet, in addition to encoding and publishing our work pieces of paper; As well as to all who long their help and support for the success of this researching.

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