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The consortium instead focused its efforts on developing shared ledger technology, where only the nodes to whom the information pertains – the counterparties to a trade, for example – are sent the data. The early development phase was tough, Rutter says – but perhaps the harder part was pitching the idea to the banks. “They said, ‘oh, it’s bitcoin!’ And I said ‘no, it’s not bitcoin!’ It’s an innovation inspired by the use of cryptographic maths, but it’s not about trust-less transfer of value – because of course guys, we all trust each other; our market has documentation and legal underpinnings, and we transfer billions of dollars to each other all the time.” Perhaps the most exciting fruit of R3’s labours is the Corda platform. Formally unveiled last month, the distributed ledger technology can dramatically increase the speed at which standardised financial contracts between banks – International Swaps and Derivatives Association master agreements or credit support annexes, for instance – can be exchanged.

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